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Chakra Stone Set

Chakra Stone Set

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Chakra Gemstones Gift Set, a collection of mystical treasures crafted to elevate your spiritual journey. Each gemstone, approximately 1.5" in size, etched with the symbol of its associated chakra, invites you to explore the depths of your inner energy centres.

Within this enchanted set, you'll discover seven real gemstones, each resonating with the essence of a specific chakra:

- **Amethyst** (Crown Chakra)
- **Carnelian** (Sacral Chakra)
- **Yellow Jade** (Solar Plexus)
- **Green Aventurine** (Heart Chakra)
- **Lapis Lazuli** (Throat Chakra)
- **Blue Aventurine** (Third-eye Chakra)
- **Red Jasper** (Root Chakra)

Whether you're delving into the mysteries of Reiki, embarking on a healing meditation journey, or seeking to balance your chakras through sacred rituals, this set is your trusted companion.

Nestled within an etched wooden case adorned with a tree motif, these gemstones are ready to accompany you on your quest for inner peace and alignment. Embrace the synergy of mind, body, and spirit as you harness the power of these divine gemstones.

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