What's next in your story

Used with intention to grow your passions Wyld Sage Wares offers accessories to reflect, relax or redefine the modern wizard.

Of all the paths you take, make sure some of them walk backwards

If your preference is moving meditations we offer staves for walking, pipes for smoking, and cards for sending an important message to an important person.

Wizarding done right


Things for wizards. Hats, wands, staves, potion candles, spellbooks and more. 

Reading and Writing

Things for reading and writing. Journals, bookmarks, pencil cases and more. 

Get stoked. Get going.

At Wyld Sage we're in it for the balanced pursuit of wisdom, knowledge and spirituality. All things that help you grow and move your story forward. We're collectors of empowerment and enablers of awesomeness.

Expect to see a variety of locally sourced, custom curated products for helping you be the most badass you that you can be.